"Cotton Candy" - Wood Fired Vase

This vase was a complete surprise when I opened the kiln.  The vase is
approximately 6 inches tall and is made from porcelain clay. The piece
was wheel thrown and then distorted and carved when it was leather hard.
As for the glazing, there were 2 glazes involved, which were a green matte
used as the base and a crystal matte applied over the top 2/3 of the
piece.  The vase was fired in the anagama for 5 days and reached a
temperature of around 2300 degrees.

As for the colors of this piece, you will notice the base layer which has a
variety of colors cascading down the piece including creams, blues,
greens,  and pink/mauve.  I have never seen a piece with a varied surface
such as this and is sure to be a great collector's piece.

Price - $95

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