Wood Fired Porcelain Vase

   This wheel-thrown, porcelain vase is an
excellent example of the amazing results that
are possible from the combination of ash and
glaze.  This vase was glazed by using an
airbrush and incorporates 2 variations of a
crystal matte glaze (Tom Coleman's glaze).

   The vase stands 11 inches tall and is about 6
inches wide.  The vase was fired in an anagama
wood kiln for 3 days and was fired to around 2400

   This artwork is unique not only because of the
method in which it was fired, but also because of
the stunning crystal growth that is "frozen" on
the surface of this vase.  Notice the tan/yellow
crystals against the soft surface that are
complimented by the blue/green crystals.  Also,
the glaze drips that are found flowing over the
blue glaze at the bottom of the piece are a
testament to the fluidness of the glaze at peak
temperature.  The picture on the top-right side of
this page shows the side of the vase that faced
away from the flame.  Notice the lack of glaze
drips and crystal growth, which records the tale
of the two sides to this vase.

     As explained above, the process of combining
glazes with heat and ash makes this vase a one
of a kind artwork that will enhance any area it
is displayed in.

Price:  $125

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* When you purchase this piece, there is a $15        
shipping cost, which will include standard ground
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