Wood Fired Porcelain
  Covered Jar

This jar is an amazing
example of the variations
made possible by the
combination of fire, ash, and

This piece was fired for 3 days
up to 2400 degrees and was
located in the middle of the
kiln.  The jar stands 11 inches
tall and 6 inches wide, and is
made out of porcelain.  

This jar has numerous
surface additions and
subtractions, which add to
the "wave like" motion that
flows through this piece.  
Notice the indentions and
distortions made to the sides
and bottom of the form,
which enhance the overall
appearance of movement on
the jar.  There are also 2
stamps made out of clay and
sea shells, which are located
along the shoulder and base of
the jar.  The lid has some
carvings that are similar to
those found on the body of the
jar, which add continuity to
the overall design.

This truly is a one of a kind
piece of art work.

             - PAYPAL CART

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