Wood Fired Stoneware Vase

This vase is an amazing testament to    
the transforming effects of heat and       
ash on an unglazed piece of pottery.

This vase stands approximately 12          
 inches tall and  5 inches wide.   The       
 piece was fired in the front of an
anagama kiln for 3 days and was fired
to 2400 degrees.  The entire exterior
surface of this piece was finished by the
flyash and heat combining with the
clay to form glass.  

This piece is a testament to the
importance of openness to change plays
in the creative process.  Prior to
making this vase, I started with the
idea of creating a form that had a
smaller diameter base and the
majority of the form would be a
thinner and taller column.  As I was
throwing the piece, I envisioned some
alterations that I could make to
animate and enhance the surface, so I
decided to create the indentions and
distortions seen throughout the form.  
Notice the soothing effects of the
repetitive lines found on the base and
lower portion of the vase.  Also, the
"twisting" of the upper section of the
vase add to the overall visual
movement of the form.

In the Japanese wood fired tradition,
beauty is found in asymmetry and this
vase exemplifies the " visual
tranquility" that can be found when
atypical alterations and the
serendipity pf fire combine to create a
work of art.

Price: $195
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