Wood Fired Ash/Shino Vase

This vase is an unusually glazed piece
because the front side had no glaze
applied to it, while the back side was
glazed with a shino glaze.  This vase
also provides a story of its' place in the
firing by the vertical flashing marks
found on the front side of the vase.

The vase is made from stoneware clay
and stands 9 1/2 inches tall by 5 inches
wide.  The vase was fired in an
anagama kiln for 3 days to a
temperature of around 2400.  

As I was contemplating how or if I
wanted to glaze this vase, I decided to
use an airbrush to apply a shino glaze
to the entire back side of the vase and
allow the front side of the vase to be
painted by the fire.  As an added twist,     
the vase was placed behind a post - a          
tall brick that holds up the shelves            
that the pieces are stacked on inside           
the kiln.  As a result, the flame
and ash were forced to move around the
vase and left a distinct pattern down
the front of the vase where the post
had shielded the vase from the flame.

Price:  $150

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