Wood Fired Porcelain Shino
                Covered Jar

This covered jar is an excellent              
 example of the movement and               
 "frozen fluidity" that can be                 
 captured in clay.  This jar also             
 exemplifies the possibilities that           
 can be achieved by the combination     
 of ash and shino glaze on porcelain.

The covered jar stands 6 inches tall
and is about 5 inches wide.  The jar
was fired in the middle of the wood
kiln and was fired for 3 days
peaking at a temperature of 2400

Some of the unique aspects of this
jar include the horizontal lines
that ascend the jar, the strong
vertical indentions that cascade          
 the sides of the form, and the "wave
like" distortions captured on the
bottom of the form.  It is important
to note the three "tear drop dips" on       
 the corners of the lid, which call
attention to the vertical indentions.
Another pleasing aspect of this jar
is the warm earth tones found
throughout the form.

This piece is a wonderful example of
wood fired art and will make an
excellent addition to any collection.

Price:  $75
            - PAYPAL CART

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