Wood Fired Porcelain Vase

This vase is an excellent example of the
unique results produced by the                       
combination of fire, ash, and glaze.

The vase is wheel thrown and is made of
porcelain.  The piece stands 10 inches
tall and is 4 inches wide.  The vase was
fired in a wood kiln for three days and
to 2400 degrees.  

Notice the "rain" like effects produced as a
result of the ash causing the glaze to flux
(become more fluid) and run down the side
of the vase.  Also, the tan background and
yellow-white specs towards the top
the vase are a result of the combination of
ash and glaze in which crystals have
grown inside the glaze.

This vase has subtle variations of color
and texture, which make it a
wonderful choice for any collector of
wood fired art pottery.

Price: $75

          - PAYPAL CART

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